A Fishing Family


We started with one small fishing boat and have since grown to ensuring that we can fish throughout the year. 

We are a family with over 100 years of fishing and boating experience. My father is an experienced Bass angler. He started taking me fishing 30+ years ago and took his love of the nature and the relaxation that fishing brings to all of his family. It has been an honor to take over the family as Bass Master.

Nearly all of the fish in those pictures are MINE. Seriously. One Stringer, one days worth of fish. I could have caught more, but I had to hike it back multiple miles, over mountains.


That doesn't mean the Ol' man doesn't still know his stuff.  This day I caught the biggest fish I've personally ever pulled out of this river.  

18.5 inch small mouth bass, from mouth to tail.

I come back to camp, with a big stringer, feeling like a superhero, & this guy has a 19 in fish.  If hadn't seen it still swimming around, alive & well, I would have thought he brought it with him, hahaha.

I guess it's just like they say, there's always a bigger fish, and that's what where all out here for!